Here is a brief selection of additional articles focused on the connections between food and health and the environment.

When reviewing scientific articles, whether those linked here, on theĀ Why Meatless? page, or elsewhere, it is important to maintain a critical eye. How was the study conducted? Where was the research originally published? Who funded the study? What do other studies report?

Food and the Environment

Energy use in the food sector – Carlsson-Kanyama and Fiest.pdf
This paper includes a fascinating breakdown of the climate impacts of a Big Mac.

Environmental impact of various dietary patterns – Baroni et al, 2006.pdf
A comparison of theĀ overall environmental impacts of a typical diet, a healthy omnivore diet, a vegetarian diet, and a vegan diet. Both conventional and organic agricultural practices are examined.

Food Miles and the relative impacts of food choices – Weber and Matthews, 2008.pdf
This paper highlights the relatively minor climate impact of food miles (the distance a food travels from producer to consumer) compared with food production, especially animal products.

Food consumption patterns on climate change – Carlsson-Kanyama and Gonzalez, 2009.pdf

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