Meatless Monday is, first and foremost, an educational campaign to inform people about the health and environmental benefits of eating a meat-free diet one day a week. We hope that given this knowledge people will choose for themselves to eat meatless, starting this Monday. Check out the Why Meatless? page to see some of the reasons physicians and environmentalists alike are recommending people cut their consumption of animal products.


Meatless Monday is an international movement seeking to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15%, by following a meatless diet each Monday. Organized in association with the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the campaign is rapidly spreading worldwide.

Meatless Monday McGill arose from applied student research seeking to reduce of the environmental impact of the food service on campus, as well as promote discussion of the global food system and help students develop healthy eating habits.

McGill Food and Dining Services collaboration allowed this research to become a reality, with a two week trial campaign taking place in the RVC dining hall in April 2010. The trial campaign featured informative table tents, posters, and brochures; additional vegetarian and vegan options on the Monday menus; online pledge and survey forms to gather student feedback; and student representatives present in the dining hall to engage students and respond to questions. For more info on the trial campaign, check out the Trial Campaign Feedback page.


Continued cooperation between students and McGill Food and Dining Services, along with recently awarded funding from the Sustainability Projects Fund are all helping to move Meatless Monday McGill forward.

In fall 2010, the campaign spread to BMH and Douglas Hall in addition to the RVC dining hall, starting September 13th. New Rez and Carrefour Sherbrooke, now under the management McGill’s new food service provider, Aramark, are also  featuring Meatless Mondays, starting Oct 4. The expanded campaign will feature all the same elements as the trial campaign and more (read: the possibility of guest chefs). The first Monday of each month is a Meatless Monday event in these cafeterias.

If you are interested in getting involved with the campaign this summer or next fall, we would love to have your help. Just add a comment or drop us a line at meatlessmcgill@gmail.com.

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