The word is out

UPDATE: The launch of Meatless Monday McGill (MMM) on Oct 4 at Carrefour Sherbrooke and New Rez was a great success. We received a lot of student support for MMM, with 94 students making a pledge to eat meatless every Monday, and another 25 pledging to give it a try on Oct 11. 5 brave souls pledged to eat meat – we are trying to acknowledge students’ freedom and encourage them to make their own decisions. Add all these pledges to the hundred or so already made this year following the start of the campaign in the other cafeterias, and we have a growing movement.

Want to make a pledge? Join the movement


The launch at BMH, RVC, and Douglas on September 13th went great, with over 150 students giving us their feedback and many pledging to eat meatless every Monday. Soon the survey and pledge responses will be tallied and put up online.

Posters and tabletents were about to educate students about MMM, and some changes to the menu made going without meat that much easier. Missed out last Monday? Not to worry, these residences will now have Meatless Mondays the first Monday of every month, as well as every Monday through the end of September.

Also, October 4th will mark the start of MMM at New Rez and Carrefour Sherbrooke, which will also have Meatless Mondays on the first Monday of every month.

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