The time has come for the launch of Meatless Monday McGill. September 13th will be the first of many weekly Meatless Mondays at the RVC, BMH, and Douglas dining halls. Along with additional delicious veggie options, informative table stands, posters, and student representatives will be around the cafs to spread the word about MMM, receive feedback, and answer questions.

Later this month, MMM will launch at New Rez and Carrefour Sherbrooke as well. The launch date will soon be determined – keep your ears to the streets.

We need your help!

To have a successful launch we will need the help of lots of caring and enthusiastic volunteers. The most pressing need is for volunteers to table in the dining halls on September 13th. This will involve promoting MMM, fielding questions, encouraging students to take the online survey, and, most importantly, engaging students in active dialogue about food choices. If you think you might be available at any point that day and would like to come out, your help would be hugely appreciated.

Please sign up here: and then send an email to so I have your contact info. One hour, two hours, or all day, whatever you can offer is sure to help as we have three dining halls to cover. You will receive a free meal of veggie delights, or meat if you like.

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